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CRTCO is a 501c 3 nonprofit organization that was established in 1971, CRTCO is dedicated to providing with excellence for the spiritual, emotional, physical and social/educational needs of horse racing’s workers.

California Race Track Chaplaincy Outreach, (CRTCO) is an affiliate of Race Track Chaplaincy of America, Los Angeles, CA, which has 77 chaplains serving over 117 race tracks throughout the United States and Canada.

The CRTCO provides services to Santa Anita, Hollywood Park, Pomona, Del mar. The Race Track Chaplaincy of America is a Christian, non-denominational organization. The Chaplaincy offers support, direction and guidance to those who need it most. Thanks to the continued generous support of the racing associations and the individuals, this valuable asset to the race track is able to continue and grow.

Race track Chaplains provide many services and support to the backstretch workers to the backstretch to the farms and everywhere in between including:

– Church Services & Bible Studies
– Performing Marriage Services
– Performing Funeral and Memorial Services
– Consulting
– Providing Transportation to Appointments
– Assistance with Translations
– Visiting the Sick or Injured


Board of Directors

Nolton Patio, DVM


Kevin Steed

Vice President

Denise Mitchell

Coucil Member

Shawndra Hartman

Council Member

Steven Hartman

Council member

Joe Herrick

Council member

Francis Meza